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Frequently Asked Questions

What will I learn?

The first course is SEO from Audits to Backlinks!  This course consists of 9 Modules and 54 lessons on everything SEO.  This course is taught in an easy to understand format and in a sequence that is easy to follow.

How soon can I apply what I am learning to my business?

Starting with Lesson One of Module Two, you will be able to start applying what you are learning to your website.  SEO is a process that takes time, but you can start implementing immediately!

How much is the Monthly Membership?

Our Monthly Membership is $37.  Our agency runs done-for-you SEO campaigns for our clients and these campaigns typically start around $1,000/month. Learning to do your own SEO will save you roughly $960 per month!  

How does the Risk Free 30 Day Guarantee work?

We want you to be happy with our Membership!  We want you to learn, implement, and see results!  We offer a 30 day Risk Free Guarantee to make sure you are happy with what you are learning and the results you see!

What other services does The Determined Mom offer?

The Determined Mom offers done-for-you SEO services, WordPress website builds, Social Media Management, and Ads Management (Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, and Pinterest). 

What other topics will be covered?

Other topics we will cover will be WordPress, Social Media, Email Marketing, List Growth, User Experience Design and so much more.  While we have our own ideas, we want to hear from you!  Tell us using the button below what other topics you want to learn next!

What is the difference between the Online Marketing for Moms Membership and other SEO and Marketing Courses?

Our Annual Membership is $990.  You get two months for free when you subscribe to a year of amazing Marketing courses!  This is roughly the cost of one month of done-for-you SEO Services!  

How much is the Annual Membership?

Our Annual Membership is $370, which gives you two free months versus the cost of a monthly membership!  

How does the 7 day $1 trial work?

Because we are so sure you will love the material we are teaching you, we are giving you a 7-Day trial for just $1.00!  After that, you will be charged the normal Monthly or Annual Membership charge.  

Do you offer one-on-one Coaching?

The Determined Mom offers one-on-one Business Coaching as well as SEO Coaching for Moms that may need extra help.  It is our passion to make sure Moms have all of the tools, concepts, and know how to execute them!